Constance creates eerie and fairytale creatures in doll work and illustration for unique people who love the whimsical world of witches, fairytale and magic.


Art Dolls are hand-made with Stone Clay and textiles of mostly organic materials. Vintage fabrics and materials are sourced from travels in ghostly places and sewn lovingly with every stitch . Magical spells and ancient whispers enchant every creation in their own unique way to the recipient . 
The Collective theme in the ‘Whisperlings' dolls is sisterhood  and witchcraft , where they usually come in groups of two or three…just as dark and light and the place in between. They can be spoken for separately or together.


Giclée Art Prints are reproductions of original work from Sanctum Aetherealis on Archival Fine Art Paper (Hahnemühle) with a slight grainy texture . Art works are reproduced with digital enhancement and logo. Giclée prints are archival which means they do not fade. 
In some images (visible in listing ) a slight border is present in order to allow for framing . The size is of the actual paper with art work in slightly smaller dimensions. 
Printing is created with a specialty firm for artists in the Uk who is affiliated with the best art printers around the world for th ebest printing and fastest delivery to any country. *GST where applicable. 
Artwork is not framed and only visible in framing for reference .

If you have any questions about  products , please do not hesitate to contact Constance @Sanctum Aetherealis.

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